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With this it was the first car I have tried to upgrade.  I wanted a sporty car and this was my first attempt light and good handling car, it only had a 2.0 16v with no turbo but thought it was best to start small.  Toyota called this the MR2 as to describe what it is Mid engine Rear wheel drive and 2 Seats.  It was a far cry from the Hyundai Trajet 7 seater; I thought extra handling was the way to go so springs and adjustable shocks was on my ordering list as well as black diamond disks with EBC red pads.  Then was the powerflex bushes just to add a little more stability, with the car lower and stiffer this did make it a little harsh over speed humps as well as the rutted British roads nothing unbearable but this was meaning that I never had to slow down from the limit of A and B roads.  Unfortunately this car came to an untimely end when it swallowed the 4ltr’s of oil in one week but had no leaks guess I was just driving it to hard.



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