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After killing my MR2 I thought I would look for another work horse of a car, the criteria was small but comfy for a for my 6ft frame.  And Eco ish as the fuel prices are going up and work mileage was going down.  After trying some cars and asking owners of said cars what they could do on mpg rather than listening to the manufacturers so I tested a normal Smart Roadster 80bhp but thought I would try the Brabus version.  And glad I did although the claim is only 20bhp more in a car that weighs only 850kg or there abouts its a big difference in driving it.  There is only a problem with the lag of pulling off from a standstill and it will not change that fast about half a second delay but overall its a great fun little car and at worst I have been getting 38 mpg but average around 50mpg.  The big wheels but low profile tyres mixing with British back roads has caused the deep dish alloys to be buckled now and the rear shocks are leaking.  But its an excuse for upgrading it now so on order is progressive springs and gas blisten shocks.  Also I will be adding more power by an ITG foam filter and removing the blocking plates in the Brabus exhaust.  This should permit better and higher airflow into the engine with an easier gas exit to allow the turbo to spool faster and freer to aid pickup.



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